Halloween Hits: A simple question...

While I can't yet show you my first endeavor with these directors (still in the festival circuit), I can show you the latest and greatest that has exploded in such a short amount of time around the internet.  A nice simple concept, with wall to wall tension, making use of current technology everyone can relate to.  Starting out as a proof of concept for a feature, Where Is It leaves views wanting more.

Halloween Hits: DIE! SITTER! DIE!

Sometimes you gotta think big.  Big baby kinda big.  Rupert is more than a beefy short.  It's actually part of an anthology feature, still getting it's legs in the funding stage to give birth to the whole film.  Shedding the theme of supernatural horror, this one is psychologically driven with satirical undertones.  I should also point out, definitely not safe for work or for those with sensitive stomaches.  Rupert spent years ripping through festivals collecting his laurels and awards, and now he's coming for you.

Halloween Hits: Don't go Downstairs...

The next chapter into the handful of horror I've shot comes from the same directors as Daddy, and helped put us on the radar with our first trip through the festival circuit.  Two nights of shooting, minimal equipment (again), and limited crew (hey we had crew this time!), put us in a seriously scary basement.  I have no doubt that something sinister took place down there, long before we were shooting.  Turn off the lights, turn up the sound, and enjoy, Downstairs.